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Mil Mascaras: Ode To A Wrestling Legend

Mil Mascaras Sui Generis

The Incredible Mil Miscaras: An imposing specimen of physicality – even by today’s bloviated standards.

At the height of his career in the late 60’s through the 70’s, Mexican born luchador Mil Mascaras had no equal. His physical form  alone was awe-inspiring; rippling muscles that were as toned as they were lithe. There was a palpable electricity whenever Mascaras entered the ring. His bouts were short and intense as he put on something more akin to a clinic than your run-of-the-mill grapple-fest. Mascaras moved in ways that made his opponents look like flat-footed dodos. Occasionally flexing and rippling his even-then massive pecs, Mascaras would relentlessly stalk them before flipping them like dumb mannequins. The clincher was often preceded by Mascaras’ famous flying-pincer that toppled his opponents and put them in locks few of them could escape from. One didn’t have to be a wrestling wing nut to appreciate the power and glory of this hooded luchador.

Born Aaron Rodríguez ArellanoMexican state and city of San Luis Potosí on July 15, 1942  Mil Mascaras was an national and international star of ring and film by the time he semi- retired his famous mask. In some ways his career foreshadowed that of young MMA phenom, Cain Velasquez, in that he made a big splash in a wrestling heavyweight division at a time it was dominated by foreigners due to a paucity of Mexican heavyweights.

By the time he went into semi-retirement, Mascaras had transcended the genre by his adherence to a code that went way beyond his unwillingness to abide by certain aspects of the match script. Ironically the reason he is criticized is the reason he stands head and shoulders above the “corny Island” aspects of pro wrestling:

Multiple wrestlers have publicly complained of Mascaras’ unwillingness to sell moves and put opponents over. One of the most vocal critics is Mick Foley who, in his book Have a Nice Day!, complained about Máscaras’ refusal to sell moves in their match.[10] In his book, A Lion’s Tale, Chris Jericho describes the stories of Máscaras’ large ego and states that, if anything, “The tales were toning it down.” [11] In a 2007 shoot interview, “Superstar” Billy Graham confirmed that during his series of matches with Mascaras, Mascaras was unwilling to sell properly. (Wikipedia Article)

Mil Mascaras’ tapes are definitely collectable and worth watching because, corny or not, they possess a certain something that is woefully missing in today’s and yesteryear’s WWF.  (First submitted 10/14/04) ©2006

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